Gift Guide: For The Hostess

December 4, 2018

Between all the holiday parties and events this season, it can be overwhelming to find creative and useful hostess gifts. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. The best hostess gifts are items that feel elevated and special (something more than convenience store flowers), but aren’t too precious to actually enjoy (nothing too over the top). Our Gift Guide for the Hostess lists some personal favourites that any host would love to be gifted this holiday season – no re-gifting guaranteed!

1. Candle: This vintage-inspired tin candle adds edge to any room. Plus, the woodsy Palo Santo scent is said to clear bad energy and bring good luck.

2. Champagne Flute: These glasses lend a festive feel to cocktails or champagne. Perfect for New Year’s parties and any celebrations to follow! 

3. Salt + Pepper Mills: These classic salt and pepper mills bring a fun pop of colour to any holiday tablescape. 

4. Salad Servers: A classic hostess gift. The copper finish and hammered handles of this serving set will instantly dress up salads, starters, and sides. 

5. Serving Bowl: Handmade by ceramic artist Nobuhito Nishigiwara, this serving bowl makes a beautiful centrepiece on any table. 

6. Napkin: Simple cloth napkins in neutral colours are the perfect gift if you’re not too familiar with your hostess’s style. They’re also affordable and environmentally friendly! 

7. Soap: This packaging is almost too pretty to unwrap. Inside is an equally gorgeous, lime-blossom scented soap that would be beautiful in any powder room or guest bath.

8. Hand Cream: A luxurious hand cream in Aesop’s beloved ‘Resurrection’ scent – a mix of mandarin, rosemary, and wood. The rustic, apothecary-style packaging looks great in a powder room or on a nightstand.

9. Cook BookOttolenghi is known for recipes that result in delicious Middle Eastern dishes – but require tons of ingredients and prep. His newest book, Simple, offers the same flavour, minus the all the hard work. Our kind of cookbook! 

10. Planter: This geometric planter is a unique way to gift trendy succulents. It’s cool, minimalist vibe will work in any home!

What’s your go-to hostess gift? Let us know in the comments below!




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