Gift Guide: Mother's Day

May 2, 2019

It goes without saying that everything mothers do for their kids – from the sleepless nights to the birthday parties to the diaper changes – is done out of love. That being said, it definitely doesn’t hurt to get spoiled once in a while (especially when you’re running on zero sleep and your kid is having their fifth tantrum of the day). So, this one’s for all the mama’s out there!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect excuse to show some extra appreciation for the moms in your life. While homemade breakfast in bed will always be a winner in our books, we thought we’d share our top Mother’s Day gift picks (wink, wink).

When possible, we love to give experiential gifts. Our #1 pick for Mother’s Day would be a gift card for professional family photos – there’s nothing cuter than photos of your kids and you’ll get to enjoy them for years to come. If you live in Toronto, we highly recommend The Robins Nest – the studio is adorable and Kayla is so talented! On the other hand, we’re also big fans of wine subscriptions – which we think most moms would agree is self explanatory. We’ve heard great things about Wine Collective and Wine Club.

For more inspiration, check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide below.
These gifts are sure to make your mom (or wife, sister, grandma, friend, or yourself!) feel extra pampered and loved well beyond May 12 – because really, shouldn’t every day feel like Mother’s Day!?

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  1. Zodiac Ring: Getting this ring for a mom in their child’s astrological sign would be such a thoughtful and unique gift! The stones are white sapphires and the ring also comes in silver.
  2. Roxanne Assoulin Bracelet: We love these bold, playful bracelets; everything from the bead colours to the wording. We love the idea of getting a kid’s name, initials, or “mama,” as shown in the photo. Stack them up or mix them into your current arm party.
  3. Double Name Necklace: We like that this necklace can be customized with more than one name and it layers so well with other pieces. You can continue to add names as new additions are welcomed into your family down the road.
  4. Babe Balm: It’s no secret that we love Murphy & Jo and this multi-purpose balm is perfect for moms on the go. It’s all-natural and gives lips, cheeks, and eyelids a rosy glow.
  5. Longsleeve Sleepshirt: This classic sleep shirt is one of our favourite pieces from our collaboration with Something Personalized. We love how effortlessly chic it looks while still feeling super soft and comfy.
  6. Champagne Flute: Because champagne is never a bad idea – and because these stemless flutes are easier to store and way less likely to be knocked over.
  7. Cutting Board: You can get this cutting board custom engraved with a favourite family recipe (you can even have it done in the original handwriting!). Such a sentimental gift that looks beautiful leaning on a kitchen counter.
  8. Mom Truths: We promise this book will leave whoever you give it to laughing out loud. A true must-read for all moms, it’s the perfect mix of humour and no-bullshit advice.
  9. Organic Cotton Sheets: We’re firm believers that beautiful sheets are necessary for a good nights sleep and these are some of the dreamiest we’ve tried. And honestly, there’s no better gift for a mom than sleep!
  10. TKEES Slides: The best shoes for faking a put-together look on mornings when you’re rushing out of the house. They’re super comfy and slip on so you can get out the door fast even when your hands are full.

Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions in your family? Let us know in the comments!




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